About Us

Pro Spray Equipment is the largest manufacturer of professional spray equipment in Southern California. We manufacture professional sprayers for use in pest control, termite eradication, in the landscape industry, and for agricultural use. Our 23-year track record of manufacturing and service excellence is unsurpassed in the industry.

“We weren’t always the biggest company of our kind in the area,” said Pro Spray President, Steve Sykes. “But, we have always been the most service oriented and customer friendly. We’re large enough now to handle any size order from 15-gallon sprayers to monster rigs with 500 to 1,000 gallon capacity,” remarked Steve.

Starting from humble roots in 1990, the company’s first significant growth occurred when Operations Manager Manny Delgadillo came on board in 1991. Originally from Aguas Calientes, Mexico, Manny brought with him years of expertise in two seemingly unrelated field—as a Volkswagen auto mechanic hobbyist, and as a professional piano refinisher. He also brought with him a positive can-do attitude and the ability to meet deadlines on time and on budget.

Over the years, Manny’s mechanical abilities and growing industry experience have been at the core of Pro-Spray’s unique designs and successful solutions to a myriad of spraying challenges. Not only do our sprayers meet or exceed all performance and safety requirements, but also Manny’s eye for the esthetically pleasing has helped to make our sprayers some of the best looking in the industry.

When Steve Sykes came into the picture in 1994, things really took off. Steve is a former CPA with outstanding business skills and instincts. He absorbed the company’s employees, formed Pro Spray Equipment, and eventually moved the company to its present location, a 20,000 square-foot completed located at 268 West Orange Show Lane in San Bernardino. Pro Spray & Turf Equipment has shared the site since 1995 with Steve’s other business, WCS Distributing, Inc., a distributor of fine name brand landscaping equipment such as Gravely and Maruyama which WCS wholesales to lawnmower shops and landscape supply houses throughout the Southwest.

About 50% of Pro Spray’s business is the repairing of sprayers of all brands and kinds by our world-class repair and service department managed by Jose De La Torre. “Bring us your sprayer and our knowledgeable technicians will have you back in business before you know it,” said Jose.

The Pro Spray growing client list ranges from landscapers and pest control companies of all sizes, to counties, municipalities and more. Notable are Corky’s Pest Control (with 44 unites), Fontana Speedway, Riverside Flood Control District and Orange County Flood Control District, to name a few.

If you’re looking for custom-built, professional quality sprayers and experienced, friendly, bilingual service, then you’re looking for Pro Spray & Turf Equipment. Give us a call today.

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