Hypro Pump - 9910-D252GRGI

Hypro Pump - 9910-D252GRGI
Brand: Hypro
Product Code: 9910-D252GRGI
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Diaphragm (semi hydraulic) pump:

  • 3/4" HB inlet
  • 3/8" HB outlet
  • 3/4" hollow shaft
  • gear reduced for 2-3 1/2" hp gas engine
  • MAX GPM: 6.1
  • MAX PSI: 363
  • MAX RPM: 2800


Because the pump is literally the "heart of the system," careful consideration must be made in selecting the right pump. Seldom is there only one pump that will do the job. Roller pumps have a low initial cost and are extremely versatile. They operate efficiently at PTO speeds of 540 and 1000 RPM and have a pressure range of up to 300 psi and flow of 2-74 gpm. Piston pumps deliver relatively low flow rate (up to 10 gpm) at high pressure (up to 400 psi). Diaphragm pumps, because of their design, provide excellent handling of abrasive and corrosive materials. The pumping cylinders are separated from the piston chambers by a synthetic diaphragm. This keeps the spray solution from contacting and corroding the internal components.

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